Bit O' Hope Dairy Goat Farm


Adult and kids

for sale:

Adult's for sale have been used in our breeding program and have done well or they would not leave the farm as a registered animal. Adult's sold for non registered are considered, pet quality for one reason or another. All adult animal's are priced accordingly!




Registered kid's are disbudded, dewormed, tattooed, feet trimmed, and given at least their first CD/T vaccination before going to their new homes. Bucklings sold as a pet are not registered. They are sold at 3 day's old on a bottle for $25.00 each, to have them dehorned or wethered will mean you pay $25.00 each additional for dehorning and bring them back at a later date for $12.00 each to be wethered and $5.00 ea. for CD/T given.

Due to Down Sizing Farm over half the herd is for sale! Look bucks and Doe pages to see what will be or what is available!